Cannabis Business Consulting Services

Comprehensive Cannabis Business Consulting Services

Financial Consultants for the Cannabis Industry

Like businesses in every industry, the owners and/or managers of cannabis companies face complex business decisions. Cannabis CPA is strategically positioned to assist them. Our professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable in the financial, accounting and operational aspects of running a cannabis business, and we’re here to offer expert consulting to cannabis startups as well as established firms.

Why do we provide cannabis business consulting services? Cannabis CPA is dedicated to the growth of this budding industry. We have worked with businesses in every facet of the industry and in all phases of the life cycle and we understand how to help these companies grow and succeed. And we acknowledge that this industry is truly unique. Its tax and complex regulatory challenges mean that cannabis businesses require the specialized knowledge and expertise that only Cannabis CPA and maybe a handful of other consultants can provide. As experienced financial consultants for the cannabis industry, you can be sure we will steer you in the right direction.

Strategic Cannabis Consulting Services

While business consultants are not hard to find, your business needs one that specializes in the cannabis industry. Since your company operates according to different rules and is under closer scrutiny than the typical business, only a consultant with specific industry experience and knowledge will do. Whether you are looking to start a cannabis company, operate more efficiently, expand your business or make more money, contact Cannabis CPA for expert help with cashflow, inventory, and financial and/or compliance issues.

For example, we’re well-versed in all the intricacies associated with obtaining a California Type 12 license. These are permits that enable your business to perform three out of the four major permit areas — retailing, cultivating, manufacturing and distributing — with some limitations. With our consulting for cannabis startups, you can hit the ground running and take full advantage of this option. 

Our professionals act more like partners than outsiders; they act as trusted members of your team as we help you navigate the financial terrain, potential pitfalls and opportunities for growth. We become a remote branch of your business, helping you grow and succeed.

Cannabis Services Are All We Do

Cannabis CPA provides services only to businesses in the cannabis industry. That means we have unique professional resources, knowledge and time to devote to the constantly changing regulatory landscape that governs this industry. When you need a consultant to help you build or operate your business, look no further than Cannabis CPA!