Cannabis Investor Financial Services

Cannabis Investment Management Services

Is your startup looking for seed money? Could your established business use an infusion of capital? Are you seeking to invest in a cannabis business? With current regulations and laws that make cannabis a capital-intensive industry, “traditional” methods of financing often prove difficult for cannabis companies and investors.

Cannabis CPA helps companies, regardless of the entity structure, bring in interested investors. We provide guidance and planning around the incorporation of new investors and the effect it has on the business. We also offer strategies that make companies more appealing to new investors when capital needs arise and help venture capitalists find the best businesses in which to invest.

An Innovative Cannabis Investor Service

While investing in cannabis companies is risky because the product remains illegal under U.S. law, opportunities abound for making money. For example, Cannabis CPA helps potential investors take advantage of opportunity zones, which are areas designated by the IRS as economically distressed. Locating companies in opportunity zones provides significant tax benefits to cannabis business owners in the form of capital gains deferments.

Why Choose Cannabis CPA for Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis CPA has the skills and experience to help both investors and the companies in which they are interested. If you’re an investor, we introduce you to the owners, managers and major investors so you become thoroughly acquainted with the business. Only then can you determine if an opportunity for growth exists and if those in charge are capable of operating the company to your standards and in accordance with applicable industry regulations.

While investors explore opportunities in cannabis companies like they do in other businesses, incorporating new investors into a cannabis business is not easy. We understand the complexities of introducing new investors into the business and have many years of experience in effectively incorporating investors. Whether you are the company owner or a new or prospective investor, you can trust the industry-savvy professionals at Cannabis CPA to do the job right!