Tax and Accounting Solutions for Cultivators

Expert Financial Consultant for Cultivators

Cannabis cultivators — those who plant, harvest, dry, cure, grade and/or trim cannabis — face a complex tax and regulatory environment. Unless you are a cannabis financial or tax expert or have one on staff, you need Cannabis CPA services for cultivators.

About the Cannabis Cultivation Tax

Cultivators are required to pay a tax on all harvested cannabis (not including immature plants and seeds) that enters the commercial market after complying with the required quality assurance review and testing. You pay the cannabis tax to the distributor or manufacturer to whom you sell or transfer the product. The amount is based on the weight and category of the product. Categories are cannabis flowers, cannabis leaves and fresh cannabis plants.

Our Cannabis Cultivator Accounting Services

Cannabis CPA helps our clients:

  • Structure their businesses for the greatest advantage
  • Register for and obtain the required seller’s permit
  • Obtain a cultivation license from the state
  • Obtain any required local licenses
  • Pay the cultivation tax to the distributor or manufacturer
  • Ensure that you receive a correct cultivation tax invoice
  • File sales and use tax returns and pay the amount due
  • Compute and file federal and state income tax returns
  • Ensure secure storage, tracking and delivery of the product
  • Ensure compliant and quality product packaging
  • Implement a system for accurate record keeping

Why Choose Cannabis CPA for Your Cannabis Business

Cultivating cannabis for commercial sale comes with a host of strict financial, tax and business regulations. Non-compliance is risky, which is why you need to work with a tax and financial services firm that has experience in the industry. Cannabis CPA is that firm! Schedule your free consultation today to learn how we keep you compliant and protect your business.