Cannabis Distributor Financial Services

Cannabis distributors face a host of complex financial and tax regulations. We understand your situation and are uniquely positioned to help you navigate and stay on the road to compliance. After all, providing services to cannabis companies is not just something we do; it’s all we do!

Our Cannabis Distributor Services

Cannabis CPA helps our clients:

  • Structure their businesses for the greatest advantage
  • Obtain a distributor license from the state
  • Obtain the required local distributor licenses
  • Register for a seller’s permit and/or cannabis tax permit
  • Collect the cannabis cultivation tax from growers
  • Collect the cannabis excise tax from retailers
  • Report and pay cultivation and cannabis excise taxes
  • File sales, use and cannabis tax returns
  • Compute taxes and file federal and state returns
  • Ensure secure storage, tracking and delivery of the product
  • Implement a system for accurate recording of all transactions

In many ways, cannabis companies face the same financial challenges as those in other industries. They have to worry about vendors that don’t always pay on time, maintaining a positive cash flow and obtaining financing through loans or inventory financing. In addition to these concerns, the unique nature of the industry means cannabis distributors also must contend with other challenges.

For example, most financial institutions are unable to accept money earned through the sale of cannabis products. This means companies in the sector are limited in terms of establishing accounts. They also encounter difficulties in securing the loans they need to establish or grow their businesses as a result of these restrictions. From a tax perspective, cannabis companies also are prevented from making deductions or receiving credits when filing their taxes. Fortunately, our comprehensive cannabis distributor financial services provide these entities with the expert guidance they need to navigate the complexities of their situation. We provide full strategy consulting for cannabis distributors that not only helps them cope with the typical issues they may face, but also those unique to this burgeoning sector. With our expertise working by their side, our clients receive the advice and knowledge they need to avoid potential complications and keep their businesses running as smoothly as possible. 

Why Choose Cannabis CPA for Your Cannabis Business

As the “middleman” in the supply chain, the cannabis distributor plays an outsize role in the industry’s collection and remittance of cannabis taxes. Add in the licensing requirements and other regulations, and it’s clear that distributors face the most complex set of rules in the cannabis market. Cannabis CPA, with its industry-focused professionals, is the only firm you need to help you understand your responsibilities and meet your obligations. Get in touch today!