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The cannabis industry is unlike any other. Additional taxes, restrictions on banking and limited income tax deductions complicate the financial situation for businesses that grow, distribute and sell cannabis. Plus, even though recreational cannabis is legal in many states, the product is still not legal in the eyes of the federal government.

How can your company thrive, or even survive, in such an environment? By working with the experienced, knowledgeable team of cannabis tax and financial professionals at Cannabis CPA, that’s how! Every member of our team thoroughly understands the industry’s tax rules and regulations and their financial implications.

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Because Cannabis CPA works only with businesses in this one, unique industry, we have the resources to focus intently on the ever-evolving regulatory situation and relevant case law. And we are experts in our field; in fact, you might say we are smokin’ hot for cannabis! When you’re ready to hire an industry-leading consultant to help you build, operate or grow your business, contact Cannabis CPA for your free consultation.